Oleander Bio is totally aware of the new consumer's needs.

First quality organic products

Oleander Bioindustry

Agro-Alimentary Industries that seek high-quality organic foods find in Oleander Bio the ideal counterpart that will provide them with all the certified products they need, in a professional and personalized way. All of our products are exhaustively tested through quality control and other analysis.

The main companies that manufacture organic products such as cookies, ice-creams, chocolate or pastries; already know that Oleander Bio products are officially certified, and that have been manufactured carefully in our facilities; not to mention that all our products are also analyzed by external companies that later assure the quality of the product.

Our acquired experience through all these years in logistic and transportation of our products, make us capable of sending our organic products all over the world.


First quality organic products

All Oleander Bio products commercialized by Oleander Bio, have passed through strict quality controls in our facilities in order to ensure that no alteration or anomaly appear before the product reaches the consumer.

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