Our main goal is achieving costumer’s trust and make them take part in organic farming.

Try our triple commitment to:

The manufacturer, the product and the consumer.

Oleander Bio was founded in 1992, and it is exclusively dedicated to elaborating and trading high-quality foods , organic, gluten free and vegan originating from organic agriculture. Since then, it has become a pioneering, innovative and experienced enterprise in the sector for over 25 years. Oleander Bio products which are targeted to either consumers and manufacturers; not only can be currently found in most organic-specialized stores all over Spain but also in the rest of the European countries and slowly launching to other continents.

Our consumer’s trust

Concept and aims

Oleander Bio’s major aim is to build a consumer’s trust towards our products and let it take part in organic agriculture, so we can improve our health and work to preserve the natural environment at the same time.

The wide range of Oleander Bio products (nuts, gluten free products, creams, vegetarian pâtés, oils, chocolates, grains and seeds) are certified according to the strictest regulations, that guarantee the absence of chemicals such as pesticides, insecticides or genetically manipulated seeds. But this is not our only commitment since the company works together with farmers, whose harvests help preserving and empowering the local goods of each area; keeping and protecting the environment where they are grown.That is the only way we could offer organic healthy foods.

Seriousness, responsibility, agility in our costumers’ service, deep knowledge of our market and the carefully selected and manufactured products, make Oleander Bio one of the leading companies in our sector.

Gluten-free organic products

Suitable for gluten intolerant people

Within Oleander Bio’s research and innovation policies, we have created a gluten-free organic product range which is suitable for gluten intolerant people, in order to satisfy our costumer’s needs.

Certified products

The Organic Certification Body Control of Catalonia

All Oleander Bio’s products are certified by the Organic Certification Body Control of Catalonia, which is necessary in order to guarantee the correct manufacturing system of our products. That is to say, the Organic Certification Body Control of Catalonia carries out an exhaustive monitoring through manufacturing system inspections.

That is how we guarantee that these products are not contaminated with pesticides or genetically modified. Both the manufacturing and the control systems are common and regulated processes in Europe. Not to mention that the European Commission annually publishes a register of authorised bodies in order to monitor and certify organic products.

The EU certificate


All Oleander Bio’s products are sealed with the new European logo of organic manufacturing, also known as Euro-Leaf, which is aimed to aid consumers in identifying organic products within the EU organic manufacturing regulations.

Since its foundation, our company has worked aiming to reach as much consumers as we can, and that is why we have launched a new organic gluten free product line, which is totally controlled and certified.