Definition and function of the cookies

According to the established in the Law 34/2002 of Services of the Society of the Information and Electronic Commerce, we inform you that this web place stores information of the IP addresses of computers, and uses Cookies with the purpose of rendering a better service and offering you a better experience in your sailing.

The Cookies are little files of text which contain information, and are generated in the computer or User terminal when you sail through the web place. With the sailing by this web you give your agreement for receiving these cookies. Through them ALIMENTOS BIOLÓGICOS OLEANDER, SA only obtains and keeps the information under the described conditions in the present Policy of cookies:

Which kind of cookies we are using?

According to the term of time which remain active

– Cookies of session: They are the kind of cookies designed for collecting and storing data while you access to our web and remain in the file of cookies of your navigator until you leave the page. As for example the cookies of identification.

– Persistent cookies: They are the kind of cookies in which the data continue stored in the terminal and can be accessed and treated during a determined period of time.

According to the purpose and the Body who is managing them:

– Own cookies: They are these which we send to the computer or terminal form the own web page.

– Cookies of third parties: They are these which are sent to your computer or terminal from a domain or a web page which is not managed by us, but for a collaborator company. As for example, the used by Google which installs cookies which are helping us to analyse the running of our web place and to improve the effectivity of our marketing campaigns.

– Technical cookies: They are those necessary for the sailing and the good running of our web. For example, they allow to effect the process of purchase, to control the aspects of safety of the web, to share contents through the social nets.

– Analyse cookies: They are those which well treated by us or by third parties, they allow us to quantify the number of users and to effect the measurement and statistic analyse of the use which do the users of our web. For this reason, we analyse the sailing at our web page with the purpose of improving the offer of products and services which we offer. For example they are:

The number of unique visitors of each page / section, which is used to do an inventory of the times in which the place is visited by the user, as well as the first and the last time of this visit. This is helping to know the areas with more success and to increase and improve the contents, with the result that the users could obtain a more satisfactory experience and service.

The date and hour of access to our web, with the purpose of enabling to investigate the hour of more affluence and doing the precise adjustments to avoid problems of saturation in the rush hours.

The source of traffic which is registering the origin of the user, that’s to say, the internet address from which is departing the link addressed to our web, with the purpose to help the different links and banners which are pointing to our server and which offer better results.

– Publicity cookies and behaviour publicity: The publicity cookies are those which allow the management, in the most efficient way, of the publicity spaces which could be included in our web page on the basis of criteria as the edited content or the frequency in which the advertisements are shown.

The cookies of behaviour publicity act in function of the behaviour (personal preferences and elections) of the users obtained through the continued observation of their habitudes of sailing, which allows developing a specific profile for showing personalised advertisements in other web places.

How can I shape and disenable the cookies?

You can shape your navigator for being warned of the receipt of cookies and refuse to accept them through the activation of the shape in the navigator which allows refusing them. Nevertheless, we warn you that the deactivation of Cookies can provoke the limitation or even the impossibility of access to some of the functions of our web, as well as some of the services cannot run correctly.

For more detail about the shape of cookies in your navigator, you can ask to the “Help” menu of the same.

We also are proposing you to consult the following web places: Aboutcookies, youronlinechoices, Network Advertising Initiative or Digital Advertising Alliance where you will find detailed explanations about how to eliminate the cookies from your computer and more general information about the same.

Cookies of third parties / co-operator enterprises


Google is offering a great number of products for helping us to administrate our advertisements and web places; among them are included Google Analytics. When visiting our web place can be sent some cookies to your navigator.

These cookies can be shaped from a range of different domains, included www.google.com and www.doubleclick,net in order to allow us to use of whole services to the service of Google, as a service of measurement and elaboration of advertisements reports. You can ask for more information about the kind of cookies which is using Google.

Google Analytics is the tool of analyse which is helping to our web place www.oleanderbio.com to understand the way in which the users are interacting with their properties. You can use a whole of cookies to collect information and to inform about the statistics of use of the web places without personally identifying to the visitors of Google. You can ask for more information about cookies of Google Analytics.

Since its foundation, our company has worked aiming to reach as much consumers as we can, and that is why we have launched a new organic gluten free product line, which is totally controlled and certified.